From the team behind SpyFu’s, a revolutionary product is born called Nacho Analytics. With a few simple steps you can see anyone’s Google Analytics in an instant, get live user information and get an insight into your competitors Google Analytics data.

Learn which strategies are working for your competitors and see everything from click-through rates to the highest performing landing pages. Build on the knowledge that you discover with Nacho Analytics so you can always keep ahead of the competition and ensure that you are 2 steps ahead.

Uncover competitors sales numbers, conversion metrics, and how much money is being generated. A great tool for those who run an e-commerce business and want to look at how other websites are performing.

Early evidence suggests that Nacho Analytics will forever change the SEO industry with a unique product that is truly groundbreaking.

Unbiased Review of NachoAnalytics

So how are we getting on with NachoAnalytics…

Adding the initial website to the dashboard took little over 30mins, granted this was straight after the launch of the product, therefore, I expect the servers were extremely busy. We found that the larger the website the quicker the information was being populated in Google Analytics and become more useful to gather insight into top landing pages and real-time users (1hr behind).

Nacho Analytics Screenshot

Presented in a format which is widely understood to many website owners/marketers it extremely useful. However, I feel that those who are new to Google Analytics may find analysing the information a little tricky and require more training on GA.

Package Structure with NachoAnalytics

SpyFu Nacho Uno 
1 Websites
$30 per additional website
2 users

SpyFu Nachos Grande
5 Websites
$20 per additional website
10 users

SpyFu Nachos Supreme
15 Websites
$10 per additional website
20 users


NachoAnalytics Launch Webinar

NachoAnalytics Refer a Friend Promotion

You can use this link if you want to try Nacho Analytics for free, with an additional benefit of getting an extra website added to the plan for free:

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