is an image optimisation and compression SaaS platform with additional manipulation capabilities such as image resizing. aim is to automatically shrink the byte size of images as much as possible while keeping the visual information intact, and of consistently high quality to the extent that results never need to be manually checked for fidelity. and SEO Benefits.

Created with the purpose of being a single, easy-to-use tool to take away the pain of inconsistent and downright unsatisfactory results which plague existing image optimisation tools. A unique tool to optimise all the images you can throw at it and with astonishing results. Various methods in which you can run your images through and forget about them – the job is done. Google uses a multitude of ranking factors, and we firmly believe that Page loading times plays a considerable part in these results.

Kraken PRO Features

  • Optimise larger images of up to 32 MB in size
  • The most advanced perceptually lossless image recompression
  • Plug your applications into the powerful Kraken API
  • URL Paster, Page Cruncher, Dropbox Storage and more
  • Resize images using one of several strategies
  • Considerably speed up your blog or business

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